International Projects

Helidecks to Norway

Klik om de foto te vergroten... In the recent past we transported various helidecks from The Netherlands to oversea destinations, such as Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom. Our services included engineering, paperwork such as transportmanual, stability calculations, loading, seafastening, transport, unloading and complete installation.

Tanks shipped to Antwerp

Klik om de foto te vergroten... In 2004 we transported several tanks oversea from the Northern part of Holland to various sea harbours in Belgium and France. These tanks are used for storage and transport of orange juice.

Bridge installation in Goole (UK)

Klik om de foto te vergroten... In Goole (UK) our pontoons W.D.Sr. 7 and W.D.Sr. 9 were used for the installation of a new railway bridge over the Knottingley and Goole Canal. We also provided all necessary equipment and took care of the necessary trim and stability calculations.

Bridge installation in Basel (CH)

Klik om de foto te vergroten... Between 1999 and 2003 we installed in the city of Basel (Switzerland) 4 bridges over the river Rhine, which now form together the "Dreirosenbrücke" We took care of the installation of 4 heavy (520 tons each) bridge sections by sailing them (on board of pontoons) into position by means of a very exceptional and complicated system of winches. Biggest problem was the fact that the river Rhine flows with a gigantic speed in the surroundings of Basel. We also took care of the demolition of the 2600 tons old bridge.

mega yachts to Düsseldorf (D)

Klik om de foto te vergroten... By means of roll-on, roll-off transport we bring 2 gigantic yachts from Rotterdam to Düsseldorf in Germany, where they will be shown at the exhibition Boot 2004. After the exhibition the yachts have been returned to their owners.